Many people asked why we didn’t charge for the show…We wanted to Bring the Magic Back to as many as possible by sharing wonderful musical talent and providing an amazing entertainment experience without the burden of a set fee., especially during this time when so much has changed our way of life.  However, this wouldn’t be possible without the kind support of sponsors and donors and we invite you to become a part of the Magic.

Your gift of cash will indicate your belief in the project, show your appreciation for the talent and the experience, and will help us to achieve our objective of assisting some in our industry who have been deeply affected financially by the fallout caused by COVID 19.

The Music Unites Foundation of Jamaica, a non-profit organisation that is totally funded by donations and corporate support, was set up to assist talented musicians like those on the show to get training, musical instruments, scholarships and other basic support, necessary for them to further their craft and strengthen their skills.  Since COVID 19, the foundation has lost its funding and is currently unable to give the support that they have done in the past.  Jamaica Jazz and Blues will assist them with part proceeds from donations collected, to help them get back on track.

Production and Technical crew who have consistently worked behind the scenes to ensure that festivals such as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues deliver a top-class experience to all our fans, have also suffered greatly as a result of the lack of live events, that has been a result of COVID 19. Many of them have been out of work for almost a year.  Already in doing this virtual show, some have been able to earn and we aim to assist others who may not have been a part of this production with part proceeds from donations.

You can help us to make the difference and we thank you in advance for supporting the Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2021 virtual edition by attending, and for your kind donation.